interior concept – styling, in collaboration with Design-Apart & Salottobuono

Casa Flora. A house in the heart of Venice.

A space that is open, unique, to inhabit, work and socialize in, a home to experience the most beautiful city in the world feeling Venetian for a few days.

An Italian-design apartment, completely custom made that welcomes travelers with the comforts of a boutique hotel but at the same time, the freedom of a private home.

A place as never seen before in the lagoon, that challenges traditional hospitality models and uses design to foster sustainable tourism.

The entire layout repurposes Venices imagery in contemporary forms.

Here Venetian architecture and interiors met the best local artisans. Typical Venetian materials have been enlivening: palladiana terrazzo, glass, marbles, briar woods, fabrics… at Casa Flora every piece of furniture is tailored to live the space as a full experience. Unique objects, designed by the interior team, can be purchased online to make the magic of this place accessible to travelers.