retail concept – architecture – interior – styling -graphic – brand identity


Casa Elli, a place where taste meets beauty, a charming home where the authentic italian gelato is made, an exclusive venue where history and modernity, gastronomy and design, regional and global live and flourish side by side.

Every detail in Casa Elli tells a story.

From the selected vintage furniture, all imported from Italy, to the bespoke lamps, to the brass fining that embellish the interior. Its a lush, but minimal, yet emotionally rich venue, built on the simple principle that a truly memorable tasting experience can only take place in a consistent and carefully designed location. The window reflects the classic italian houses living room. The client, from the outside, sees a world, a place where he can dive, taste the products, feel at home and relax like in a friends living room. Open the door of Casa Elli and step into a timeless world that only exist in dreams now, where every detail is meaningful and every flavour starts a revolution.