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A Casa Eatery, a place to meet friends, with lovely music as background, where time is not a problem, where food have the wisdom of home and furniture tell stories.

A venue that makes the concept of family the main axis around which to turn its strengths: raw materials from south Italy, regional recipes, seasonal proposals, portions like the ones we eat at home.

The location is divided in three areas: the bread area, yellow like the flour, with a big communable table and an old pasta cabinet; the kitchen area, for smaller groups, blue as the formica colored tables; the library area, the most reserved and quiet, with wooden furniture, books, armchairs, table lamps, a big vintage Italy map…

A very big yet cozy and quite location, with large tables, very far one from the other and all in some way shielded from each other.

Casual furniture, with influences from the 50s and 60s.